tuesday, 29th april

i can't stand emo memories. whenever i remember them, it's like a chorus of good charlotte and my chemical romance clawing at my brains. i always try to shove them back into my depths of my brain where all the lint and an inactive tumor and cancer are undoubtedly all singing "she'll be coming around the mountain when she comes!".
so, i have devised a plan. a plan of such anti-emo, they would have to form a legion of goddamn emo just to take me down by drowning me in their black crystal blood because I'M SORRY I CAN'T BE PERFECT NOW ITS JUST TOO LA--.
look - i'll be honest. getting rid of depressing thoughts isn't hard. you just need to follow my guide which can be purchased for $29.99. the book works. trust me, i have taken high school psychology. i will be the one, leading a new anti-emo force consisting of you and other super gulli--I mean, smart, sophisticated heroes. i am like neo in the matrix.
.. except hanging around a black leather-clad sexy trinity all the time will puncture my ego horribly.

.... maybe not then.